Over the last 10 years, we have brought dozens of innovative products from concept to mass production, the products we developed include consumer electronics, smart home appliances, communication devices, and medical equipment. Recently, we are focusing more on hardware solutions for IoT and other smart products.

Shenzhen, known as “the world’s factory”, has the most flexible and efficient manufacturing resources. To actually make use of reliable and suitable suppliers, it would require a very good understanding of the local industrial ecosystem and years of hands-on experience about supply chain management. More challenges are bound to arise when you try to instruct the facilities with your own standards, let alone the language barriers and distance.

Having our main operation based in Shenzhen, we keep long-term partnerships with more than one hundred facilities, so we have unique advantages in helping our customers overcome all kinds of obstacles.


Our Works

An AI Powered Smart Speaker

WooHoo is an interactive and intuitive AI assistant with a human being detection and tracking system, big touch screen, rotatable camera, and an audio outlet. Our client, SmartBeings, is a Silicon Valley-based startup focusing on Smart Homes and small businesses. WooHoo is the winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the Smart Home and Accessible Technology category, winner of the Outstanding Design and Engineering for Consumer Products, and winner of the Top 50 Most Innovative Products.

The Most Successful Tracker

Tile is a Bluetooth tracker paired with your smartphone that helps you to localize your belongings. Moreover, the Tile app connects you to the user community, where people work together to find everything that matters.

A Portable VPN Router

Keezel is a portable internet encryption device that protects your personal information. It uses VPN technology to secure your internet connection, and thus greatly improves your online privacy and security. With Keezel, your data and all other confidential and sensitive information are protected from hackers, online snoopers, your ISP, network administrations, and government surveillance.

A Modular Phone for Easier Recycling

The Fairphone company is a social enterprise which aims to design and produce with minimal environmental impact. Fairphone is an ethical smartphone with modular design for easy repair and recycling.

A Cloud Compatible Portable Scanner

PupScan is a pocket-fit scanner. It enables you to scan, store, and share documents and images in cloud. The scanner can recognize characters, automatically produce HD scanning for extra-large formats, and generate a 3D model for a curvature-free finish. The internal memory can store more than 2,000 pages locally. Documents can be easily transferred through Wi-Fi connection with crypted protocol, and then shared by email or on your social media.

A Dual-SIM Card Device for iPhone

GoodTalk is a companion dual-SIM device. While iPhone only allows you to have one SIM card active at a time, GoodTalk enables you to have a second SIM card active on your phone simultaneously. It brings voice calls and SMS messages from your SIM card to any Apple iOS smartphone device through Bluetooth.

A Smart Heart Monitoring Hat

Spree smart cap records the user’s heart rate, movement and body temperature for more accurate calorie count, and displays real-time progress. Spree does not make users compromise their comfort level to get fitness monitoring.

An IoT Game Console

Sinister is an IoT haptic game console with modules that can be modified to suit your comfort. It also allows the game developer to read your biometrics which syncs with the game progress.

A Contact Free Toilet Flush System

Jollytronic touchless toilet flush developed for Wirquin enables the user to determine the duration of flush by hovering their hand over an infrared sensor. The valve is operated by a battery tested for 15000 cycles.

A 6 Flavor E-Hookah

Ngensmoke is an innovative electronic hookah. With a specially designed atomizer, this e-hookah can mix up to 6 different flavors. The color of illumination in the device can be customized for the environment. The brightness is synchronized with inhaling strength.

A Transformer Medical Bed

A medical bed used in ICU or other serious location in hospital. It can be transformed into a chair and rotate 90 degrees and push a patient up to stand, with just a click on button.

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